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Just as Anythink isn't a typical library, Sparkopolis
is unlike most fundraisers. By creating fun,
interactive experiences through food, drink,
music and art, Sparkopolis is a marvel to behold
at the district's 45,000-square-foot flagship
library, Anythink Wright Farms.

All of the fun packed into Sparkopolis
contributes to a great cause. Nature Explore
gardens are creative outdoor classrooms
that help connect kids to nature while improving
math, science, language and socialization
skills. Research shows that children who lack
sufficient interaction with nature can have
issues with obesity, dislike of the outdoors
and increased reliance on behavior-regulating
medications. By building Nature Explore
gardens, Anythink will help to encourage
a healthier lifestyle with unique exposure to
nature during children's key formative years.


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