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The story:
Maisy is eager to learn what part she'll perform in
her dance school's Rainbow Ballet. Dismayed, she
learns she is to portray a drab, ugly storm cloud,
not a lovely rainbow princess. How she learns to
deal with disappointment, take responsibility for her
commitment to the project and expand her sense
of self-worth makes Maisy a great, relateable
character for young girls.

The products:
Maisy is independent and strong-minded, destined
to one day be the prima donna, not merely one of the
corps de ballet. A born leader, she's a great example
to her peers of stick-to-itiveness, originality and
self-confidence. Products tied to Maisy and The Rainbow
Ballet are all about attitude. Strong colors and graphics
define rainbow images and patterns for fabric,
apparel, accessories, bedding and room decor.
30 box
The Rainbow Ballet cover

Rainbow Ballet Images 1

Rainbow Ballet socks

Rainbow Ballet Images 2

Rainbow Ballet bags

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